As an insurance brokerage we deal with 150+ different insurance companies, but for our online system it operates through a specific provider.
We’ve made it easy giving you access to insurance companies at the rates only insurance brokers have access to, saving you time and money.

Currently we have the following policies available for instant online quotes:

  • Personal Cyber Protection – designed for individual who use their home IT and internet connected smart devices for personal reasons.

  • CyberCare – designed for small businesses with essential coverage against cyber threats and data breaches.

  • Tax Audit – provides cover for professional fees incurred in the event that you or your business are selected for a Tax Audit by the ATO.

  • Commercial Legal Fees – designed to cover your legal costs and expenses if you involved in a legal dispute or need to defend yourself against a legal dispute.

Security for these policies is provided by Lloyds of London, meaning if you ever need to claim this is ultimately where the money is going to come from.

Before using our online system, please review our FSG, Privacy Policy and accept your Duty of Disclosure. If there is any part of this information that you do not understand, please contact our office for clarification.

If your business is based in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast we can come to you to discuss your full insurance needs!

For more information on how an insurance broker can help your business, please call us to speak to a real person on 07 5600 0192.

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