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What you’ll need to get started:

-details of the incident including date, time, location, etc

-details about the loss or damage you are claiming for

-information about any other people, vehicles or property involved

-take precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability

We will lodge, manage and follow-up on all your insurance claims all the way through to settlement. It is our aim to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible to report any incident, loss or damage. Delays could prejudice your claim.

You must also;

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent any further loss
  • In the case of a burglary / theft / malicious damage or lost property, the incident should be reported to the police and obtain a police report number
  • Never admit liability for a claim against you
  • If a third party is involved, let them know you’ll lodge a claim and your broker will be in touch

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